Privacy Policy

Information that this website collects

This web site, like most on the internet, uses browser cookies. If you don't know what those are by now, you should probably go look it up, it's really quite fascinating stuff. These may contain a unique identifier that is assigned to your web browser. Other information that you have entered into this site might be there as well. We don't like cookies all that much either, but most sites won't work properly without them. If you are bothered by this, maybe you should turn cookies off, and delete whatever cookies are already there. Maybe this site will work ok without them, maybe it won't. But most sites won't.

This web site keeps logs of connection attempts, pages visited, browser types, IP addresses, HTTP headers, etc. Pretty much the standard stuff that almost every damn site on the internet tracks. It's built into the webservers, and they are generally turned on by default.

We may use this information in these logs and in those cookies to:

If it's of public interest, we may publish anonymized information from these logs.

This web site does not solicit you to provide any personal information, such as name, address, phone number, social security numbers, credit card numbers, etc. Any personal or personally identifiable information you don't want us to have and use for whatever nefarious purposes might occur to us one day, you probably shouldn't provide to us, or to this website. Or to any website for that matter.

Google Analytics

In addition to the mechanisms mentioned above, this web site uses Google Analytics for tracking users, which pages they view, etc. They use cookies and javascript too. They think its important that we mention that their cookies are "anonymous".

As the operator of this site, Google Analytics does not provide personally identifable information about you to us. That we are aware of, anyway. It's all "aggregate stuff".

That said, you should probably go check with Google if you care what information they are collecting. For all you know, Google may know stuff about you that would freak you out if you found out about it.

Anyway, they have their own privacy policy. It's a lot longer than this one, so it must be better than ours.

Firefox users can use the "noscript" plugin or other plugins that disable javascript as well as cookie managers that delete their cookies to try to screw with the various tracking schemes if they like. If you care about it that much, you can do that. (We won't mind, we do it too.) But the web server logs will track your site access anyway. Sorry.

Seriously, you're probably reading this at work, while you think no one is looking over your shoulder. Don't you have something more important you should be working on? Something that you're getting *paid* to work on? And how much of your web surfing is your employer tracking? Think about that! Needless to say, if you are concerned about privacy on the internet, this site is probably the least of your worries.

Information sharing, or How this website (under)values your privacy, yada, yada.

We currently do not solicit personal information.

Aggregate information that does not contain personally identifiable information may be disclosed to advertisers, if we ever get any.

We generally do not disclose personally identifiable tracking information to third parties that is derived from cookies or web logs, but there are exceptions. If it is required by law that we share the information with law enforcement agencies, then yeah, they can have it. Also, you never know, sites get hacked sometimes, and then who knows where the data could wind up? We are not responsible for things of this nature if they happen. Likewise, other unforseen circumstances (Acts of war, legal threats, alien invasions, termites, etc) could force us to disclose information that we otherwise would not. Any additional information that you voluntarily provide to us may be made publicly accessable, if it is deemed appropriate. So it's probably best if you keep your personal information to yourself, if you don't want there to be some slim chance for the whole world to know. Not just here, but anywhere. There, we said it. At least we try to be honest about it.

Also, once again, Google has it's own set of privacy policies surrounding Google Analytics that are independent of the policies of this web site, and therefore out of our control.

Links to other sites

This site may contain links to other websites. It should be obvious, but in case it's not: we don't control nor are we responsible for the content and policies of those other sites. Or ANY other internet sites. It's a jungle out there.

Contact info

Any email sent to this domain goes straight to /dev/null with the rest of the spam. If you really must contact us, we can be reached at  That email is for the bots.  You have to view the image if you want the real one. This privacy policy does NOT cover any email you send: Email privacy is a matter of common courtesy.

Changes to this policy.

We reserve the right to update this privacy policy at any time, for whatever reason. And when we do, we almost certainly won't give you any advance warning. Consider this your warning. Changes will be published in a publicly accessable form via a link on this website.

-- The management. (Last updated 6-28-2008. Dictated but not read.)